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Cleopatra Free Slot by IGT

The Cleopatra slot machine could be considered one of the most popular slot machine games there is on the market today. Developed by IGT in 2006 it has managed to remain popular in both Las Vegas casinos and online platforms since then. This might be due to its simplicity. But most, if not all online casinos today will feature some slot game that includes the famous Cleopatra. The game can be played as an online video slot, or by using a Vegas slot machine. As you may have guessed it is Egyptian themed, the alluring Cleopatra is at the center of this game. The symbols used are all related to Ancient Egypt and include; hieroglyphics, scarabs, and sphinxes’. The music, font and color scheme do an excellent job of representing this period in history, too.

Attractive features and design aside, it’s important to look at the gameplay and its offerings. Firstly, Cleopatra is considered a low to medium volatility game. It’s a five-reel slot with up to twenty win lines. If a player wants to increase volatility, then they can reduce the lines they play with. Other than that, it could be considered a relatively low-risk slot machine. But there is lots more to know about Cleopatra which is why we’ve decided to dig deeper into the game and give you all the information you need.

Free Spins Bonus & Jackpot

Find the great Sphinx to unlock the Cleopatra Bonus of free spins. The MegaJackpots symbol plays as your wild in this game, substituting for all but the Sphinx, and the double payline wins. But the real power of the MegaJackpots symbol is unlocked when you land five on the central payline to win the jackpot. Cleopatra is a wild and she acts a multiplier in the game, if she is the symbol that won money then winnings will be doubled. She can also be used to substitute for other symbols to create winning combinations.

Cleopatra boosts free spin bonus offers and big win Jackpot opportunities. If a player is hoping for free spins, then they need to get 3 scatters as a combination, a scatter in this instance is the great Sphinx. When using the scatter, a player can multiply their bet by up to 100%. This is huge and if a player does achieve free spins by unlocking the Sphinx then they are rewarded with 15 free spins. To make this even better when a player is playing in this feature any win is tripled, expect the top prize because even that might be a little too generous. The top and highest payout are 10,000 coins if they land the combination of 5 Cleopatra wild cards. Bets start from $0.01 and the maximum bet per pay line is $10. There are some opportunities to win big, although this is rare when on average a player will only amass 30-40 free spins.

Online casinos will have their bonus incentives, too. Casinos generally offer free spins for new players or a percentage bonus on their winnings. Review a casino’s bonuses before signing up and check that the offer includes Cleopatra if it’s the game you are most interested in playing.

The Style and Key Features of Cleopatra by IGT

As we’ve mentioned above the theme of Cleopatra is, not surprisingly, Egyptian. The music is inspired by the time frame and the graphics are sacred emblems from the period. The main features of the slot include; free spins and a multiplier. The game does not feature a bonus round or a progressive jackpot which many slot players may find disappointing. But, like a slot machine for beginners or for experienced slot players who enjoy stylistic slots, then this one is perfect for you.

How to Play Cleopatra Slot

The gameplay isn’t complicated. The game features 20 pay lines and when a play drops a coin in each pay line is activated. There are high pay and low pay symbols. The high pay symbols are The Sphinx, Cleopatra, Crook, Eye of Horus, Scarab bettle and the gold bar with hieroglyphics. The low pay symbols are playing card symbols decorated with jewels, e.g. King, Queen, Ace. There is also a Pharaoh’s mask, but this isn’t tied to a win-line. The mask pays out based on the number of views per reel. The winning combinations in the game come from lining up 3+ symbols from the left-hand side. The game can be played for $0.01 a line, so $0.20 a spin, or some casinos allow $200 a spin. Each casino will vary.

The key differences between Cleopatra and other slot machines are that Cleopatra has 5 reels, while most other slots have 3. Also, the symbolism and style vary greatly to other games on the market.

How to Win Big in Cleopatra Slot

Matching 3 of any symbols will lead to a win. However, this will vary depending on the symbol. To win big getting 3x scatter for free spins is a good way to start. Free spins also mean a 3x multiplier on winnings. The limit on free spins is 180. Higher stakes mean higher payouts and considering, as we mentioned the winning prize is 10,000 with 5 Cleopatra symbols on the reels. Winnings have gone to over $4,000 when played with a higher wager of $100. There is a consolation prize jackpot if a player gets 4 Cleopatra symbols. This is 2,000 coins.

Paytable & Bonus Symbols

Although Cleopatra doesn’t have a bonus round, the symbols that earn players free spins are valuable. The card symbols also have their value range from a 9 to Ace, the most valuable. The paytables work as follows:

  • 9 – Two nines will earn a player 2 coins, three nines pay 5 coins, four nines pay 25 coins, five-nines pay 100 coins. The 9 is the only symbol that pays when there are two on one payline.
  • 10 – Three tens are worth 5 coins, four are worth 25 coins, five are worth 100 coins.
  • Jack – Three Jacks pay 5 coins. Four pay 25 coins and five pay 100 coins.
  • Queen – Three Queens pay 25 coins. Four pay 25 coins. Five Queens pay 100 coins.
  • King – Three Kings pay 5 coins. Four Kings pay 50 coins. Five Kings pay 100 coins.
  • Ace – Three Aces pay 10 coins. Four are worth 50 coins. Five Aces are worth 100 coins.
  • The Eye of Horus – A famous Ancient Egyptian symbol. It represents power, health, and protection. Three Eyes of Horus are worth 10 coins. Four are worth 50 coins and Five are worth 250 coins.
  • The Flail and Crook – The Crook represents Kingship while the Flail represents the fertility of the land. Three symbols pay 10 coins. Four pay 75 coins and Five pay 250 coins.
  • The Hieroglyph symbol – This represents the Egyptian writing system. Three symbols pay 15 coins. Four pay 100 coins and five pay 400 coins.
  • The Royal Belt – This represents the famous piece of royal attire Cleopatra wore. Two belts are worth 2 coins, three belts are worth 25 coins and four belts are worth 100 coins, while five pay 750 coins.
  • The Royal Scarab – A symbol of immortality, resurrection, transformation. Two Scarabs pay 2 coins. Three pay 25 coins, four pay 100 coins, and five pay 750 coins.

Bonus Symbols

  1. The Cleopatra Wild symbol – Cleopatra is the star of the show and her symbol is the symbol you want to get if you are hoping to win big. She was the most famous ruler in Egypt, a beautiful, powerful and very important cultural figure. A Cleopatra symbol can substitute any other symbol part of the same payline. The symbol will also double any winnings from the same payline. Two Cleopatras are worth 10 coins. Three are worth 200 coins. Four are worth 2,000 coins and the jackpot of five is the big 10,000 coin prize.
  2. The Sphinx – A mythological creature with the body of a lion and the head of Pharoah was built to guard important tombs. The Sphinx, the Scatter symbol can be cashed in when on any payline. Two Sphinx will earn you 2x your total bet. Three are worth 5x your bet. Four pay 20x the total bet. Five pay 100x the total bet. Three on the board will start the bonus that gives you 15 free spins, and the 3x multiplier on all winnings (except the jackpot prize). Free spins can be re-triggered up to the max of 180.

Bonus Rounds & Other Bonuses

There isn’t much to the Cleopatra bonuses that we’ve mentioned. To summarise:

Free spins – Three sphinx anywhere on the board will start 15 free spins. All coins won during this period are subject to the 3x multiplier. This is where most players win their money.

OK, so we know this isn’t the most enticing offer, but Cleopatra has stood the test of time and we still think it is an excellent, easy slot machine. If you feel that the bonus offer alone isn’t appealing then consider signing up to a new casino that offers free spins on all the slot machines. Browse for the offer that appeals to you most and when you find it when you click a ‘Play Now’ button you will be re-directed to that site.

Chances to Win

Odds are going to vary from machine to machine basis. The chances of winning the top prize for any slot could be anything from 1 in 4,000 spins to 1 in 15,000,000. The random number generator (RNG) in each machine is exactly that – random. Generally, the more winning combinations there are, and the more a player wins per winning combination then the higher the odds. Higher stakes increase chances of winning (in some cases, others it is down to sheer luck!)

As you can imagine there are a serious amount of combinations and probabilities for Cleopatra. The game hits at least one winning combination in 35.8% of the rounds, which isn’t bad. Wizard of odds has a detailed breakdown of all the combinations and chances of winning which you can read in appropriate subsection of our website.


Cleopatra doesn’t have its app. But mobile gaming is one of the most popular methods for people to use these days, and the industry itself is overtaking computers. Most casinos have caught on and have developed their games to be mobile-friendly, either through the casino app or using a browser. The games have been developed using HTML 5, which replaced Flash, so graphics quality, as well as responsiveness, is much higher. Cleopatra can be played on an iPad, iPhone, Android, any Tablet computer, iPod or Windows Phone. Just go to your preferred casino app and search for instant play.

Tips & Strategy

Knowing a few simple tips and tricks before playing any slots can help you enjoy your experience and set limits for yourself. While no strategy is going to guarantee a win, adopting some rules can help the process. Our top tips for playing Cleopatra, and in general are:

  1. Set a win and loss limit – Know when to walk away. It can be easy to get caught up in playing for hours. But before deciding to play Cleopatra know how many hours you want to put in and the amount you are willing to lose within that time frame versus the amount you are hoping to win. Keep track of these figures and be strict with yourself.
  2. Avoid progressive jackpots – A large portion of every bet goes to the jackpot and the chances of winning with these machines when the jackpot can be in the millions are very small. Cleopatra isn’t a progressive jackpot, which is a plus for strategy.
  3. Avoid celebrity-endorsed or licensed casinos – A large portion of bets will go to the licensing for these machines. This will decrease the chances of winning.
  4. Smaller jackpots = better chances – This one is simple but choosing machines that don’t offer massive returns can help your chances.
  5. Go for lower denomination machines – Ok so you won’t become a millionaire with these machines, but your chances of losing are also slimmer. Research online for the best type of lowest denomination slots for some inspiration.

Real Money Play

Cleopatra can be played on autoplay for free online. This is a useful way to get a feel for the style of slot games and an understanding of the lines and reels. If you want to play for real money, then you need to sign up to an online casino.

Online casinos have simple registration processes. Generally, you will need to provide: name, contact details, card information and a form of identification for security reasons. When it comes to choosing a casino to choose one that accepts the payment method you use. This will make withdrawals of your winnings easier, and faster.

No Download No Registration

Cleopatra doesn’t need to be downloaded to your desktop, phone or tablet. This guarantees fast access, wherever you are. The free online version won’t require any registration details, the in-casino slots won’t either.

Developed by IGT

IGT is the leading slot machine manufacturers in the world. The company started in Las Vegas and they offer both in a casino and digital slot experiences. It’s no surprise that they are behind Cleopatra. They are the experts in the industry and the wide variety of games they offer continues to grow.

  • Jackpots. As Cleopatra isn’t a progressive jackpot the jackpot will depend on how much you want to wager.
  • For Fun. Cleopatra is a beautiful game to look at, the elegance of the gold and Egyptian symbolism and the intrigue of the music. Playing the free version or playing for a small wager is a way to keep this game for entertainment.
  • Big Wins. The highest recorded win for the classic Cleopatra game was $664.54 – not bad! Bigger wins tend to happen when you switch from playing 20 lines to putting higher bets on 1 line.
  • Bonus Features. The bonuses in Cleopatra are the free spins, so watch out for The Sphinx!
  • Advantages. There are lots of advantages to playing Cleopatra. We’ve listed some of our favorites below: No download required – It’s fast and easy to access, wherever you are. No registration required for the free version – Cleopatra can be played in a matter of seconds if you are looking to pass some time and have some fun, without betting real money.
  • Free spins – The 15 free spins and multipliers were always going to make this list. Free spins increase the chances of big money – how could we say no to that!?
  • Jackpots – 5 Cleopatra symbols mean 10,000. We think this is a generous jackpot prize and it’s obvious why this slot has remained one of the most popular around the world.

Cleopatra Slot Paytable

In Which Casinos to Play?

Most online casinos offer Cleopatra. The bonuses on site are all going to be different but some of the best free spins offer out now are:

  • LeoVegas Casino – 150 free spins
  • Betsson Casino – They double your first bonus
  • 888 Casino – $88 free bets and no deposit
  • Casumo Casino – 100% bonus up to $300
  • Genesis Casino – 300 free spins
  • Spinia Casino – 100% bonus on first deposit and 50 free spins
  • JackpotCity Casino – $1600 bonus on first four deposits of $400
  • Royal Panda Casino – 100% welcome bonus
  • Sloty Casino – $300 and 300 free spins
  • Sloto Cash Casino – $7777 bonus on first deposit and 300 free spins

Legible Countries

  • United Kingdom – Cleopatra should only be played on casino sites that are licensed UK Gambling Commission.
  • USA – Gambling, and slots are illegal in America. However, each state will have its laws. Nevada and Louisiana are the only states where gambling is legal in casinos. Others are a case by case basis.
  • Europe – Laws vary in each country.
  • Germany – Slots are legal.
  • Australia – All slots are legal in Australia.
  • Canada – Slot gambling laws vary in each state, but online slots are legal.
  • New Zealand – Online slots are legal and casino slots are too if authorized under the New Zealand gambling act 2003.
  • South Africa – Online slot gambling is illegal in South Africa (although some casinos outside of South Africa accept players from South Africa). Gambling in casinos is legal.

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Can online casinos change payouts for slot machines?

Yes, some can. However, online casinos that have strict licensing and are regulated won’t be allowed to do this. Which is why we always recommended playing slots on casinos that are well-licensed. This offers a level of security and transparency.

What does volatility mean when talking about slots?

Volatility is the combination of a slot payout frequency and the difference between high and low winnings. Generally, a low volatile slot won’t pay much, but the chance to win is higher. While high volatile slots mean bigger money but fewer chances.

What’s a payline?

The payline is each line of the slot machine. When the wheel stops it’s the symbols on each payline that need to match to win a prize. Paylines in modern slot machines can zigzag or have various patterns on the screen, which is why people bet on more than just line.